Nuclear energy: Always safe, always on, always bold

Safe, reliable, always available electricity. That’s what customers expect from Duke Energy and we work hard to exceed that expectation every day. That’s where nuclear energy plays a significant role. Our nuclear workers are committed to operating our plants even more efficiently by applying innovative techniques and improving operations.

In 2017, Catawba Nuclear Station produced more than 19 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, and Harris Nuclear Plant generated more than 8 billion kilowatt-hours, both setting 12-month records. Brunswick Nuclear Plant Unit 2 also achieved a record operating run and both McGuire Nuclear Station units completed their shortest refueling outages ever. These accomplishments helped our nuclear fleet generate more than 56 percent of electricity for Duke Energy customers in the Carolinas last year.

Communities rely on bold energy solutions to connect and improve lives and our nuclear teammates continue to deliver reliable energy year after year to meet those needs.


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