Nuclear Notes: Environmental Benefits

We can all breathe easier thanks to nuclear energy. With zero carbon or methane emissions and millions of watts produced, nuclear energy is the cleanest source to generate an enormous amount of electricity. 

To put it into perspective, over the past two years, Duke Energy’s six nuclear sites have avoided the release of more than 88 million tons of carbon dioxide. That’s the equivalent of taking 19.5 million passenger vehicles off the road.  

Beyond the statistics, anyone can see the proof with their own eyes. The areas around our fleet of nuclear plants are some of the most scenic locations in the Carolinas, with thriving plant and animal life – all thanks to the technology and people that put the environment first.  

Take a few minutes to learn more about nuclear energy’s environmental benefits in this edition of Nuclear Notes.  

This series, Nuclear Notes, is designed to give you a clear picture of the importance of nuclear generation for a clean energy future.

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