Nuclear Notes: Subsequent License Renewal

The second episode.

For those taking notes: back in 2019, Duke Energy announced the intent to renew the operating licenses of the nuclear reactors we operate in the Carolinas for an additional 20 years. This continues to be an integral part of the clean energy strategy in the Carolinas and our nation. As such, the company started with it's largest, Oconee Nuclear Station, which generates more than 2,500 megawatts.

Decades of providing reliable, carbon-free electricity have helped increase awareness of the benefits of nuclear. We've even marked 24 consecutive years with a capacity factor (a measure of reliability) greater than 90%, further solidifying the need for nuclear as a dependable piece of a diverse energy mix.

We're not the only ones making this committment. The process has been started – even completed – for facilities across the country.

Why? Watch to find out why subsequent license renewal is a priority.

This series, Nuclear Notes, is designed to give you a clear picture of the importance of nuclear generation for a clean energy future.

Status Of Subsequent License Renewal Applications |


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