Nuclear Notes: The Benefits of Nuclear

Take note: Duke Energy's nuclear fleet is responsible for over 80% of the company's carbon-free generation. Solar, wind and hydro all partner well with nuclear to ensure that our future is clean. 

The state regulator in North Carolina, where five of our 11 nuclear units power almost 3.9 million homes, has developed a plan to achieve 70% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions* by the year 2030, and carbon dioxide neutrality by the year 2050. Nuclear is key in ensuring this plan is achiveable.

On a national level, the nuclear industry is making strides in extending the licenses of existing nuclear units and the advancement of new nuclear technology to support a clean energy future for all.

Why? Watch this video to find out.

This new series, Nuclear Notes, is designed to give you a clear picture of the importance of nuclear generation for a clean energy future.


*from 2005 levels.


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Posted January 31, 2023 by Paul King
Power to Save the World: The Truth about Nuclear Energy is an excellent book!

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