Three things you need to know about this year's emergency preparedness information

As we enter our fall outage season, performing maintenance, upgrades and refueling several of our nuclear plants, it’s fitting that we also enhance our emergency preparedness tools and how we share information.

Just as our fleet has embraced technology to increase worker safety and efficiency, we’re employing new emergency preparedness tools to keep you in the know, including text notifications and interactive maps.

We always expect our nuclear plants to operate safely. But, in the unlikely event of an emergency, it’s important to be prepared.

Check out these three changes to our emergency preparedness information to stay informed:

1. Watch the mail for a postcard directing you to our emergency preparedness website

We've made a few changes. Important information all in one place.
Be on the lookout beginning later October 2021.

How community members find information is changing – so we’re changing the way we deliver it. We are mailing postcards to residents living within 10 miles of our nuclear plants with a link to our updated website,

We realize printed materials are still important to some nuclear plant neighbors. If you prefer having printed emergency preparedness information, call your neighborhood nuclear plant to have printed emergency planning information mailed to you. 

2. Text to opt-in for emergency preparedness information

Text Catawba to 71729 to opt in for nuclear information in your area.
Opt in today!

We strive to keep customers and neighbors well-informed. By signing up to receive nuclear information via text message, we’ll notify subscribers of emergency preparedness information specific to their area, including siren test reminders. Messages about community activities hosted by the nuclear plant and other important information will also be shared.

This tool WILL NOT alert subscribers to emergencies. Notifications of an actual nuclear emergency will still be made by state and county officials.

Take the time to opt into this tool by texting a plant name (options include Brunswick, Catawba, Harris, McGuire, Oconee and/or Robinson) to 71729. You will receive a follow-up text with a link. Complete the linked form to opt in.

Frequent multiple areas? You are welcome to opt into as many or as few plants as desired.

3. Locate your zone tool – an interactive emergency planning zone map 

Locate your zone.
Know your zone.

Do you live in an emergency planning zone and want to know more about your zone? Use the “Locate your zone” tool midway down your nuclear facility’s webpage to quickly find your reception center/evacuation shelter and suggested evacuation route. Evacuation routes and reception/evacuation shelters for each zone are also listed in the appropriate Emergency Preparedness Guide. For additional questions on your zone, contact your county emergency management office.

Questions? Leave a comment!

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Posted September 16, 2021 by JOEL TUCHFELD
Thank you for the update

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