4 ways nuclear plants use technology to work smarter

From indoor drones to virtual reality, workers are finding creative ways to operate our nuclear fleet even more efficiently. Although our nuclear plants already operate more than 93 percent of the time, embracing new tools allows our workers to conserve resources while still providing reliable electricity for our customers expect.

Here are a few examples of how technology is transforming the way we work.

Drones are improving worker safety and plant reliability.


Just like you use technology to make your life better, our nuclear workers are using drones to perform maintenance and examine hard to reach areas – allowing workers to focus on other tasks. Learn more.

Our plants are evolving with major equipment upgrades.


To help our nuclear plants run even more efficiently for our customers, nuclear workers continuously perform preventive maintenance, install new equipment and implement new technology at our nuclear plants. Learn more.

Workers are using virtual reality technology to collect plant data.

With the help of virtual reality technology, nuclear workers can obtain measurements they need for maintenance and modification planning without ever stepping inside the plant. Learn more.

Our fleet is enhancing training with 3-D printed parts.

A training instructor at Oconee Nuclear Station realized 3-D printing technology could transform the way nuclear workers learn about the systems they’ll work on. Learn more.   

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