Lessons Learned from Fukushima

Japan Earthquake Map

In the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Duke Energy and others in the nuclear industry have begun to apply lessons learned from Fukushima.

Personnel at nuclear stations operated by Duke Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) inspectors have performed rigorous inspections and walkdowns of plant equipment. Duke Energy identified enhancements that will further augment safety. Items identified were either immediately resolved or entered into a corrective action program for resolution. Additional equipment is being purchased to strengthen and add to existing back-up systems. Many steps are being taken to ensure the continued safety of Duke Energy’s fleet. Duke Energy has safely operated its nuclear plants for almost 40 years, and constantly incorporates lessons learned from worldwide operating experience.

The nuclear industry will continue to learn from the Japanese events and will implement additional measures identified to further enhance operational safety. The Nuclear Energy Institute  has  information on its website on the industry’s response, as well as the latest updates from Japan.

Click here to learn about the NRC's response to Fukushima.

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