Nuclear workers are safety superheroes

Every day, we make thousands of decisions and many of these choices affect others.

The National Safety Council designates June as National Safety Month and thousands of organizations across the United States participate and celebrate safety achievements. This year, we want to appreciate our nuclear professionals for focusing on the little things each day, that make a big difference.

The nuclear energy industry is one of the safest and most secure in the country. Nuclear plants have multiple, redundant safety systems to protect the public and plant workers, who are well-trained and experienced.  

We are proud of the actions our nuclear workers take every day to keep themselves, teammates, families and communities safe.

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Posted July 07, 2019 by Mukesh Mistry
Nuclear power plants maintain the highest standard for operational safety, security, cybersecurity and emergency preparedness. The industry’s comprehensive safety procedures and stringent federal regulations keep our plants and neighboring communities safe.

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