Strategic Organizations Make a Difference Across Duke Energy's Nuclear Fleet and the Industry

Women in Nuclear (WIN) and the North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN) organizations offer members a network where they can further their leadership and professional development, serve as a catalyst for professional and social networking and engage and educate the public about nuclear energy by volunteering for a variety of educational programs and community service projects. Overall, Duke Energy has more than 200 members who are involved in WIN and/or YGN.

Women in Nuclear

WIN, an organization of over 5,000 professionals in the U.S., currently exists in 54 countries. The organization, an association focusing on women working professionally in various fields of nuclear energy, was created in 1993. The goal of the organization has always been to utilize the knowledge and drive of the membership to promote career development, personal growth and enhance public knowledge on the facts of nuclear energy. Currently, over 150 active members participate in WIN at the nuclear corporate office and McGuire, Oconee and Catawba nuclear stations.

A common platform for WIN is for its members to serve the community by volunteering time to educate the public about nuclear energy. Year after year, WIN members visit local schools informing and educating students about nuclear energy as well as science and technology careers. For the past few years, members of McGuire’s WIN committee, for example, have played a major role in supporting “Girl Power,” a career-focused event which encourages middle and high school age girls to consider professions related to science, technology, engineering and math.

In addition to school outreach, fundraisers and site wide drives benefiting those in need have become a staple of Duke Energy’s WIN chapter. Jennifer Saucier, McGuire WIN member, says: “Our members feel strongly about giving back to those in the community who support the plant.  While the organizations we serve certainly benefit from these relationships, the personal benefit our members receive is much greater.” Each year, WIN members sponsor collection drive such as Cellphones for Soldiers,” a campaign which collects slightly used cell phones and accessories for troops overseas, a pet drive (food/toy collection for dogs and cats), a holiday toy drive and back to school drive.

To access the U.S. WIN site, click here.

To access the global site, click here.

North American Young Generation in Nuclear

The NA-YGN is made up of 1,400 members across the U.S. and Canada. The organization unites young professionals who believe in nuclear science and technology. Open to members 35 years old and younger, YGN’s mission is to attract, retain and promote the next generation of nuclear employees by providing opportunities to develop leadership and professional skills and to engage and inform the public.Like WIN, YGN members volunteer their time by educating students and the general public about the benefits of nuclear energy and technology. Earlier in the year, YGN members from McGuire and Oconee participated in National Nuclear Science Week, an event designed to introduce the public to the work of nuclear professionals and raise awareness of nuclear science key benefits to the community (click here to read a previous post). Co-hosting sessions with WIN, members addressed questions on how nuclear power plants work and potential career opportunities in nuclear science. Members have also addressed school groups where they focused on their daily work routines and factors which led to their profession.

In addition to educating students about nuclear energy and careers, the cornerstone of Duke Energy’s YGN mission is community service and outreach. YGN provides a conduit where employees can grow professionally and personally by volunteering for a variety of community improvement projects and hosting fundraisers. At McGuire, YGN members typically volunteer at local soup kitchens, while members at Oconee sponsor fundraisers throughout the year and donate the money to support local organizations.  Key strategic organizations like WIN and YGN chapter are an important outlet for professional and personal growth for women and young members across Duke Energy. These organizations provide a forum for professionals to develop in their own careers, support each other as well as the local communities and serve as a powerful, positive voice for the industry.

Click here to access, the NA-YGN website.

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