How to prepare for storms like a nuclear worker

Winter storms. Hurricanes. In 2018 alone, the Carolinas experienced many damaging weather events. And, while we may not able to prevent extreme weather, we can prepare for its impacts.

That’s where our nuclear workers come in. They excel at preparing for the unexpected. By carefully creating and following procedures, they ensure our nuclear plants continue to provide reliable electricity during inclement weather, or temporarily shut down until safe conditions return.

With the official start of Atlantic hurricane season just around the corner, here are three ways you can prepare for a storm like a nuclear worker.

1. Secure outdoor items. Items that are not tied down can become airborne in high winds or carried away due to flooding. In the days leading up to the storm, our nuclear workers secure items that could blow away or become airborne.

At home, you can also place items like flower pots, patio furniture and outdoor grills in your garage or other secure location.

2. Check your emergency supplies. Our nuclear workers check emergency equipment, such as mobile pumps and backup generators, to make sure they are operating properly. They also ensure key supplies are stocked, including food and water on-site to sustain workers in the event they need to stay on-site for many days.

It’s important your family also has a well-stocked emergency kit to last for at least 72 hours. You can find a list of basic emergency kit supplies on Don’t forget about special supplies your family may need, including pets.

3. Reach out to others. Our nuclear workers work with local and federal emergency preparedness stakeholders in the days leading up to the storm to ensure emergency plans are coordinated.

Similarly, it’s not only important that you are prepared, but that your neighbors and relatives are, too. Make sure your family knows your emergency plan and talk to your elderly neighbors or others who may need special assistance during a storm.

We always take safety seriously at our nuclear plants, not only during storms, but all day, every day. Learn more about how our nuclear workers prepare for emergencies on our website:

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