Celebrate Earth Day with some of our favorite environmental stories

From clean air generation to environmental education, our nuclear fleet and the employees who support it ensure nuclear power provides benefits for our world in many ways. With Earth Day quickly approaching, we collected a few of our favorite articles related to environmental stewardship around our nuclear plants.

1. Nuclear: A clean air energy leader – If you were to guess which low-carbon energy source produces the most electricity in the U.S., would you choose nuclear?

2. How to preserve and fisherman’s paradise – There's great fishing at Harris Lake in North Carolina thanks to Duke Energy biologists, who help maintain the health of lakes near nuclear and other power plants.

3. Solving the lower carbon puzzle – There is already strong momentum toward a clean-energy future. But, we have more to do, and it will take changes across the energy system.

4. Wildlife detectives make fascinating finds at nuclear plant – N.C. Wildlife Federation teaches kids the beauty of nature.

5. Boiling turtles – It takes a village to ensure sea turtles have a successful start to life.

6. The wild side of nuclear facilities -When you think of nuclear power plants, recreation may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But at and around nuclear sites you can find numerous ways to enjoy nature.

7. Nuclear energy in 60 seconds: Good for you and the environment  – Watch our guide explain the environmental benefits of nuclear energy in just 60 seconds.

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