Nuclear Science Week

Get to Know Nuclear October 16-20

Duke Energy nuclear atom

Every third week in October, the nuclear industry celebrates Nuclear Science Week to encourage educators, students and community members to “get to know nuclear” through hands-on activities and local events. Duke Energy has many resources to help you learn more about nuclear energy.

Browse the materials below or consider visiting one of our Energy Education Centers. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to share your nuclear science activities too using #nuclearsciweek. 

Nuclear energy 101
Nuclear energy can be a complex subject. To help demystify this power source, we’ve curated list of Nuclear Information Center articles on commonly asked-about topics. You can also find a good explanation of how nuclear plants work on the Duke Energy website.

Nuclear energy in 60 seconds

Meet a nuclear worker

  • Meet John, one of more than 6,000 highly skilled and trained employees who are looking for even better ways to bring you clean, always-on energy.
  • Meet Theresa, Manager of Nuclear Security Operations at Oconee Nuclear Station. 
  • Meet Tanya, Site Vice President of Harris Nuclear Plant.
  • Meet Bill, a Senior Reactor Operator working in McGuire Nuclear Station's Work Control Center.
  • Meet the interns and learn what it's like to work at a nuclear plant for the first time.

Hands-on Activities

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