About the NIC

The Nuclear Information Center (NIC) provides an insider’s look into nuclear energy. Written by experts from Duke Energy's nuclear fleet, NIC articles feature nuclear industry insights including the benefits of nuclear energy, community events, emergency planning, videos and more.

Duke Energy’s Nuclear Fleet

By reliably providing power 24 hours a day, nuclear energy is an important part of our energy mix in the Carolinas. And, it's our nation's largest source of carbon-free electricity. Learn about how nuclear plants work.

Duke Energy operates 11 nuclear units at six sites in North Carolina and South Carolina. Together, these facilities can generate about 10,700 megawatts. Duke Energy’s nuclear plants generate about half of the electricity for our customers in the Carolinas, with production costs among the lowest in the nation.

Learn more about each of our nuclear facilities.

BNP   Brunswick Nuclear Plant     MNS   McGuire Nuclear Station
CNS   Catawba Nuclear Station     ONS   Oconee Nuclear Station
HNP   Harris Nuclear Plant      RNP Cropped   Robinson Nuclear Plant









Sirens are the primary outdoor warning system for alerting the public of an emergency. Learn more about sirens.
Please note: Regularly scheduled siren testing takes place on Wednesdays. Additional testing may occur at other times as part of ongoing maintenance.