Our top 10 articles of the decade

Did you know that the Nuclear Information Center (NIC) has been around for over a decade?

Duke Energy started this platform to share educational information on the nuclear industry and the nuclear stations operated by Duke Energy. Topics like the benefits of nuclear energy, innovation, ways our plant employees make an impact in their communities and more, have been written by many Duke Energy nuclear experts over the years to allow readers an inside view of the industry.

When this site began in May 2011, Duke Energy operated three nuclear stations: Oconee, McGuire and Catawba. Brunswick, Harris and Robinson Nuclear Plants added to our carbon-free portfolio in 2012 when Duke Energy and Progress Energy merged.

It's hard to believe that well over 500 stories have been shared with hundreds of thousands of readers across the world.

Let's take a look at some of the top stories over the years:

2011 | McGuire Undergoes Another Outage...And We Don't Mean a Power Outage

2012 | Communities Reap Economic Benefits from Neighborhood Nuclear Power Plants 

2013 | Fission vs. Fusion - What's the Difference?*

2014 | Powerful Career Paths in the Nuclear Industry

2015 | Capacity Factor - A Measure of Reliability*

2016 | Is that a siren I hear? What do I do?

2017 | What you need to know about nuclear cooling towers

2018 | Why nuclear outages are actually a good thing

2019 | Debunking 9 myths about nuclear energy

2020 | Solving the wonderful mystery of a nuclear startup

2021 | What you need to know about the different types of nuclear reactors

Thank you for your readership over the years. We want to know, what's your favorite article on the NIC? Let us know in the comments!


*This story has been updated and was recently republished to ensure the most up-to-date information is available. Be sure to search for it on the NIC.

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