Nuclear energy: A pathway for military veterans

Peter Pyron and Josh Wylie no longer wear military uniforms, yet the values and skills they learned while serving our country carry through to roles they support in nuclear energy.

While Pyron and Wylie’s journeys are different, they each have a unique perspective on their transition from active military duty to the civilian workforce.

For Pyron, a new Duke Energy Nuclear employee, the move into nuclear operations from the military has been a good experience.

“I grew up in North Carolina and love everything about the state. And, wanted to continue my career in nuclear power outside the Navy. My research into Duke Energy as a corporation was nothing but positive,” says Pyron, who was in the U.S. Navy for 12 years.

“Duke Energy is an established company with a strong commitment not only to customers, but employees,” Pyron adds.

Wylie has worked for Duke Energy Nuclear for 12 years in security. He served for 30 years on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps.  

“I chose to work for Duke Energy because it is known for being a great company with high standards. Nuclear has processes, procedures and the high standards I’m used to,” says Wylie. “The company has great benefits, equal pay and is a caring organization.”

Map of the U.S. made up of outlines of people. Text: 13% of Duke Energy's nuclear teammates have served our country.

Pyron and Wylie are just two examples of our military veteran workforce. 13 percent of nuclear teammates have served our country.

 We are thankful for their service, and the service of all veterans, and appreciate the contributions they make each and every day to provide carbon-free, reliable energy for our customers.

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Posted August 23, 2019 by Shawna Berger
Thank you for your comments! If you are interested in careers with Duke Energy. Please check out:
Posted August 14, 2019 by Lenin Alejandro Diago Arevalo
Viaje a estados unidos hace poco y ví que tanto en Miami como en la ciudad de Orlando esta empresa está comprometida con los trabajos de infraestructura de redes, pregunté sobre la empresa y me hablaron súper bien, decidí a investigar más y ví que es un organización muy sería y comprometida con la calidad humano, mucha suerte tienen lo están laborando en está compañía, yo desearía estar trabajando con ellos. Saludos!!!
Posted July 30, 2019 by Jeff Clemmer
Glad to hear Duke is recognizing the Veteran workforce. Go NAVY.
Posted July 30, 2019 by Shawna Berger
Allen, thank you for your comment and interest. Please check out our careers page for more information.
Posted July 29, 2019 by Allen Young
I currently live close to a duke energy plant and would love an opportunity to talk about possible employment. I am a 9 yr military veteran who has plenty of skills that I feel to be a great contribution to your company.

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