Meet Macrae Walters, Environmental Field Support Professional

Macrae Walters, environmental field support professional

Macrae Walters was the kind of girl who’s always loved science. As a child, she would wake up early to watch “Mr. Wizard” (for those millennials out there, “Mr. Wizard” was an educational television programs for children devoted to science and technology) before she left for school.

In high school, Macrae felt so strongly about the environment that she wrote a letter to the President sharing her concerns over global warming (yes, the President wrote back). It’s safe to say that even at a young age, Macrae knew everyone had a role in caring for the environment, and she wanted to make sure she could leave her mark and make a change.

While her field support role is a key component of the company environmental program, over the years Macrae has been able to do some interesting things on the job like working with the company’s fisheries department to restock our waterways and supporting herpetologists as they perform surveys to ensure we do not harm any amphibians who call the Lake Norman area home. She has also worked with local conservation organizations to help rehabiliate injured birds, bats and deer and release them back into the wild. 

Majoring in biology in college, Macrae later became a high school science teacher, sharing her passion for science with teens. In 2010, she joined McGuire Nuclear Station’s Environmental Health and Safety team, where she fulfilled a variety of roles in field support, permitting and compliance.

Currently, Macrae serves as McGuire Nuclear Station’s environmental field support professional. She plays a key role in implementing corporate environmental programs and ensuring the nuclear site is fully compliant with environmental permits and regulations, which are under the oversight of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and state regulators.

Although our nuclear plants are considered large, industrial facilities, part of Macrae’s job is ensuring areas around our site are kept healthy for pollinators and other wildlife. All U.S. nuclear energy facilities have extensive environmental programs, but it takes committed professionals like Macrae to carry out the work. 

Did You Know?

Duke Energy as well as other electric utilities augment their environmental programs with voluntary initiatives to enhance natural habitats at nuclear sites for endangered species. Some of the nation’s best-known environmental organizations have recognized these programs, including the Audubon Society, Ducks Unlimited, the National Wildlife Federation, the Nature Conservancy, Trout Unlimited, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Wildlife Habitat Council.


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Posted June 18, 2018 by Rich Pacetti
Great article. Macrae, we are blessed to have you at Duke Energy!

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