Top five nuclear blog posts of 2017

Cooling towers. Nuclear engineering advice. A world powerlifting champion. We covered a variety of nuclear energy topics in our blog posts this year, but a few stood out as your favorites. With the new year quickly approaching, we looked back at the five most-read posts on the Nuclear Information Center in 2017.

1. Nuclear security officer to represent USA at World Powerlifting Championships

Strength comes in many forms: character, skills, mental, spiritual and, of course, physical. Catawba nuclear Security Officer Geromy “Tad” Barbee simply owns strength in all its forms.


2. What you need to know about nuclear cooling towers

Do the cooling towers you see around some power plants affect the weather and create weather phenomena? No – they don’t. Let’s just go ahead and clear that up now.  But there may be other questions – and some misconceptions – about these structures that are such recognizable features and have become the symbol of nuclear energy to many.


3. The best summer experiences? Our interns share their favorites

This summer a few of our nuclear interns are writing about their time at Duke Energy. We asked them to reflect on their most interesting experiences as interns so far.


4. What makes a successful nuclear engineer?

Duke Energy's head of Nuclear Engineering, Joe Donahue, offers his advice.


5. Used nuclear fuel: What you need to know in just 60 seconds

VIDEO: While managing used nuclear fuel takes a lot of skill, explaining it doesn't have to. Here are the basics in just 60 seconds.

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