Intern extra: Advice for aspiring nuclear energy workers

Pictured above: Brunswick Nuclear Plant interns at the Oak Island lighthouse

In this bonus blog post, a few of our summer interns share their advice for those interested in a career in the nuclear energy industry.

Ryan Maxon: Anyone who is interested in interning at a nuclear power plant should jump at the opportunity. This summer has been a great learning experience and has taught me so many things that we cannot learn in a classroom or from a textbook. The nuclear industry is extremely unique and it has provided me with valuable information that will benefit me in my future endeavors.

Corey Harpe: Whether it’s in your community or at work, I encourage more people to reach out and meet the new neighbors or co-workers. It truly goes a long way in making them feel welcome.

If you are interested in interning at a nuclear plant or Duke Energy, I would highly recommend you get involved with research or design teams at your university. This extracurricular experience is a great discussion area during interviews and may give you a leg up over others.

Kelsey Bushelman: My advice for anyone interested in pursuing a nuclear internship is to do it! This industry is unique and different than any other environment I have experienced. Whether you walk away liking the nuclear field or not, it opens your eyes to a whole world of opportunities, connections and information. I truly believe it is a highly beneficial chance to expand your wealth of knowledge, while having fun at the same time.

Taylor Jones: I would advise anyone that is interested in the nuclear industry and, specifically, Duke Energy, to go in with an open mind and to treat their internship as a learning opportunity that very few individuals get to experience. It is a great way to discover your interests and in what field you may want to work. From making close personal connections to gaining valuable job experience, interning at Duke Energy is a great start to furthering your engineering career.


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