The 2016 nuclear energy stories our readers loved most

From community college partnerships to refueling outages, the Nuclear Information Center covered a variety of topics related to Duke Energy's nuclear fleet in 2016. But a few articles stood out to our readers. To ring in the new year, we're counting down the top five most-read posts.

5. Nuclear fuel in 60 seconds. What can you do in one minute? Make a cup of tea. Wash your hands. Learn about nuclear fuel. Although it can be a complex subject, our nuclear energy guide, Anne, is here to give you the essentials on nuclear fuel in just 60 seconds.

4. What has nuclear energy done for you lately? Out of sight, out of mind. Unless you work for an electric utility, you probably don’t think a lot about where your electricity comes from. But, you should.

3. Why working safely matters. Watch why working safely matters to Matt, an employee at McGuire Nuclear Station.

2. Inside "NCIS: Los Angeles": Nuclear myths and truths. If you watched the Jan. 4 episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” you got an inside look at a decommissioned nuclear energy facility. Well, sort of. Here’s the truth about some of the nuclear myths spotted in this season’s 21st episode.

1. Meet the interns. Duke Energy hosted about 80 interns across our nuclear fleet in 2016. Five volunteered to share their experiences in a series of blog posts.






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Posted February 01, 2017 by Anne McGovern
You can search and apply for internships and co-op opportunities on our jobs website:
Posted February 01, 2017 by Barry Cartner
How can my oldest son, Joseph Cartner age 18 and a Senior in Davie County Early College of Mocksville, NC apply for an internship over the summer of 2017? Thanks! Barry C.

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