Nuclear Fuel in 60 Seconds

What can you do in a minute? Make a cup of tea. Wash your hands. Learn about nuclear fuel.

Unlike a fossil fueled power plant, nuclear plants don't burn anything. Instead, they harness the energy created from nuclear fission, making them not only clean but highly efficient. In fact, nuclear energy is the only carbon-free energy source that also generates large amounts of power around-the-clock, all thanks to its fuel.

Although it can be a complex subject, our nuclear energy guide, Anne, is here to give you the essentials on nuclear fuel in just 60 seconds.

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Posted December 05, 2016 by Duke Energy
Hi Amanda. Much of our school outreach is conducted by communicators and volunteers at our six nuclear plants, which are located in the Carolinas. Three of our nuclear plants also have education centers, which is why you see so many programs in North and South Carolina. I'm happy to put you in touch with our team in Florida via email to see what assistance they can provide you. Thanks for reaching out to us.
Posted December 04, 2016 by Amanda Jimenez
My elementary class is beginning to study energy. I was searching to find if you have any resources that I could use to share with them. It looks like you have amazing educational outreach programs in other states, but not Florida. Why is that? Is there any way to get resources to share with my class? Do you have people that can come speak to schools? Thank you for your help, Amanda Jimenez

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