W.I.N. Members tour Catawba and McGuire Nuclear Stations

This past week, more than 600 members of Women in Nuclear (W.I.N.) attended the 2016 W.I.N. National

W.I.N. Members tour Catawba and McGuire Nuclear Stations

Conference, “U.S. WIN: Building on the Promise of Nuclear Energy,” in Charlotte, N.C., hosted by AREVA and Duke Energy.

During the conference, attendees from across the country heard  perspectives from national authorities on key issues, as well as had opportunities for professional development.

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good spoke during the Open Plenary: State of the Industry, The Future and Your Role.

“At Duke Energy, nuclear matters. Nuclear really matters,” Good said. “Those assets are some of the most important ones we own. I’m encouraged we can rise to the challenge and move nuclear forward.”

On the third day of the conference, attendees were afforded the opportunity to tour the Electric Power Research Institute, McGuire Nuclear Station or Catawba Nuclear Station. Thirty-six conference attendees  toured Catawba Nuclear Station in York, S.C. and 34 conference attendees toured McGuire Nuclear Station in Huntersville, N.C.

Catawba tour participants saw the generator and turbine, cooling towers, the spent fuel building, dry cask storage as well as the FLEX dome, which houses Catawba’s emergency backup equipment. Participants who toured McGuire walked the turbine deck, learned about emergency planning and visited the site’s simulator, where members were able to see operators in action as they worked through various training scenarios.

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