Nuclear Science Week Helps Shed Light on Careers

It takes a dedicated team with different professional backgrounds and experiences to handle the day-to-day functions of running a nuclear station. As part of Nuclear Science Week, Duke Energy is shedding some light on a few traditional and atypical nuclear power careers.

Jennifer JamesJennifer James, McGuire Nuclear Station, IT manager

Today's feature is on Jennifer James, McGuire Nuclear Station's IT manager. During a recent interview, Jennifer shared some interesting details about her job and the importance of her IT team.

  • What’s the most surprising part of your job? The most surprising part of my job is the level of interaction I have with folks at the nuclear sites on a daily basis. Being in information technology (IT), you would think that we just work on computers all day long which we do, however, the most important part of our job is interacting with our business partners and making sure we are helping them use technology to the fullest and ensuring they get the help they need in a timely manner whenever they have issues.

  • What’s the most important part of your job? The most important part of my job as a manager at Duke Energy is ensuring my team is taken care of. This means ensuring they have the training and materials they need to be successful and feel empowered to make good business decisions in support of the company each day.

  • How do you explain your job to your parents or grandparents? My family understands that my job is to ensure we have excellent support for the technology used at our nuclear site in Huntersville, North Carolina. We support physical computers, mobile devices, software applications and audio\visual equipment at our specific locations, as well as, partner with other IT teams to provide and support computer solutions across the nuclear fleet.

If you'd like to learn more about other jobs related to nuclear power, be sure to check out a few of our other career profile blog posts or select the "careers" button in the categories drop-down menu to the right.

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