Learning Firsthand from Fukushima

In September, chief nuclear officers (CNOs) representing all operating U.S. commercial nuclear energy facilities traveled to Japan to see the impact of the 2011 Fukushima event firsthand.

More than 20 nuclear leaders from the U.S. spent a week touring the Fukushima Daiichi and Daini sites and the surrounding areas, gaining a greater understanding of the devastating event, its effect to the region and what lessons can be learned.

CNOs in Japan
Group shot of the U.S. CNOs and their Japanese counterparts meeting to discuss lessons learned from the Fukushima event. Source: NEI

The CNOs met with their Japanese counterparts to learn what strategies were used to protect the nuclear reactors. They also had the opportunity to meet with the plant operators on duty the day the event unfolded to hear personal accounts of the challenges and actions these workers took to stabilize the damaged plants.

Everything the CNOs and their Japanese colleagues learned from this experience is being used to further improve the safety culture within the U.S. and Japan nuclear energy sectors.

The Fukushima earthquake and tsunami significantly impacted the Japanese people, the country’s economy and the entire nuclear industry. Duke Energy and the U.S. nuclear industry continue to implement enhancements to maintain even higher levels of safety at all nuclear plants. 

Want to learn more about the CNOs’ visit to Japan?

The trip is also widely covered on the Nuclear Energy Institute’s (NEI’s) media page, including blog and video coverage. For a glimpse into the CNO trip, please visit NEI’s playlist of videos.  

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