Oconee Nuclear Station and the World of Energy Awarded

Oconee's "Best of the Best" Award

Recently, Oconee received the Nuclear Energy Institute's (NEI) prestigious "Best of the Best" award for the first digital upgrade of a nuclear safety-related system in the nation.

Duke Energy and AREVA representatives with the Best of the Best Award at the NEI Nuclear Energy Assembly

The award was presented Wednesday, May 23,  during NEI's Nuclear Energy Assembly in Charlotte. Oconee’s digital upgrade of a reactor protection system (RPS) and engineered safeguards protection system (ESPS) also received the NEI Vision and Leadership Award. Oconee partnered with AREVA Inc. for this nuclear industry “first-of-a kind” project.

Check out this video that gives a history about the digital upgrade.

Presented annually, NEI’s Top Industry Practice awards recognize innovations in 14 categories that improve safety, efficiency and nuclear plant performance. The Best of the Best Award recognizes the most significant achievement in the nuclear industry during 2012. The installation of a reactor protection system (RPS) and engineered safeguards protection system (ES) on unit 1 last year and unit 3 this year is an industry-first.

Preston Gillespie, Oconee Site Vice President, said, "These industry awards recognize the achievements of the project teams at Oconee and the entire Duke Energy team, as well as those of our partners in these two projects, AREVA Inc. and Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Energy Inc. I am very proud of what Team Oconee has achieved."

The World of Energy Named Official Best of Educational Attraction of South Carolina

The World of Energy is located in Seneca, SC and is free and open to the public throughout the year.

Oconee's energy education center, the World of Energy, was also recently recognized. The World of Energy was named the Official Best of Educational Attraction in the state and is featured on the officalbestof.com website. In addition to maintaining a state-of-the-art education center, the World of Energy staff support hundreds of community outreach opportunities every year.  The facility hosts approximately 20,000 visitors a year. They conduct educational programs for over 3,000 students a year, helping to explain the complex energy industry to students of all ages. In addition to the energy programs offered by the World of Energy, the staff hosts a number of other community outreach programs including Movie Night, Boy Scout Merit Badge College, Hunting and Fishing Day, Safe Kids Day, Girl Scout Badge Day and many other programs throughout the year.

"Oconee relies on the support of our surrounding communities for continued operation. Oconee is fortunate to have a solid relationship with our neighbors, due in large part to the hard work of the World of Energy crew," said Preston Gillespie.

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